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Do you know how to add Meal Plan Funds to your ID card? Click on the image to the left for detailed instructions on how to add funds and manage your account.

Eating at Suffolk County Community College

Welcome to Suffolk County Community College Dining! We have a number of great food options and programs to help make your dining experience on campus wonderful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about using your meal plan? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions.

Halal Items Now Available!

In the Ammerman Café and Captree Café, we are now offering freshly prepared halal chicken breast at Grille Works in addition to expanded halal grab ‘n go options; made fresh and delivered daily.

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Suffolk County Community College

Suffolk County Community College Dining Services is your kitchen away from home - convenient, cozy, delicious, and always cooking up something new. Welcome to the flavorful world of Suffolk Community College Dining!

Do you have a question about using your meal plan? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions.

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It’s Nutrition Month

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February Events

2/14: Valentine's Day Sweet Treats


2/16: Celebrate Lunar New Year


2/20: Celebrate National Potato Lover's Month

How to Add Meal Plan Funds

The semester is well underway. Now that you've had the opportunity to spend your Meal Plan Funds at our new Starbucks and Moe's, you may be running a little low or need to check on your balance. Click on the link below to find detailed instructions on how to add additional meal plan funds and manage your account. 


Managing you Meal Plan & Adding Funds